QS 9001-2015

The new ISO 9001-2015 standard sets increased demands on measuring customer satisfaction and monitoring the entire company’s interaction with customers and then making decisions and implementing change based on the outcomes. To a great extent, the new standard is based on the insights and principles that QS stands for.

The methodology developed by QS guarantees that a company will meet the demands in the new ISO standard while gaining valuable insights that will support business development. The QS methodology is based on ensuring that our client’s organization and management has a clear focus on its customers.

We identify whether our client and its staff collaborate effectively with their customer to ensure the delivery of customer value and customer benefit.

Our QS 9001-2015 service includes a combination of staff surveys and surveys of various customer segments that fully replace traditional customer and staff questionnaires.

One of the outcomes will be an action matrix that identifies the areas that are significant for the customer and relates them to the rating the customer gives to our client. A comparison is then made of the available alternatives. A GAP analysis is also supplied to highlight any deviation between staff perceptions and customer perceptions.

If you would like to exchange traditional customer and staff surveys for an approach that creates real value while meeting the demands of the new ISO standard, please contact us and we can tell you more.