Making decisions on a new strategy, a new way of working or a changed business offer is of little use unless employees in the organization understand and embrace them. A QS Health Check or QS Diagnosis usually leads to some form kind of requirement for change or development.

New products or services need to be defined and turned into reality, new processes must be developed, documented and established or a new way of working has to be introduced and new knowledge has to be added. In some cases, the skills and resources needed to achieve change may already exist internally, but many companies or organizations do not have the time, skills or resources to implement change themselves without support. There is also a certain amount of internal resistance to change, which places greater demands on the process.

QualitySales has methods and models that will implement change in organizations in a structured way. Our senior consultants have broad experience of achieving change both as line managers and as consultants. The end result of our contribution is that employees know what is different, they understand what it means to them and they want to change their own behaviour and / or working methods to support the new or changed strategy.

We have implemented a large number of changes in large, complex organizations as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises. Each project is unique and always begins with a meeting to establish the current situation, the desired result, internal conditions and challenges. Based on the initial work, QualitySales presents a proposal for a project where QualitySales in a small or large role helps the client to effectively establish a change.