Assignment background

The German group with subsidiaries in Sweden is a leader in hardware and wholesale. The company currently has 360 employees in Sweden and a turnover of 731 MSEK. The assignment included two different parts that can be divided into “process for key customers” and “growth programs”.

Customer goals & challenges

The company faced the challenge that they lacked clear processes and a uniform approach. Hence, the goal of the mission “Process for Key Customers” was to identify, develop and document internal processes and operating systems. Furthermore, when the client was required to increase sales, the goal of the “growth program” mission was to make proposals regarding how the company would ensure a significant increase in sales.

The assignments action points

The assignment included the following elements:

• Quantitative analyzes for customers and employees.
• Deep interviews with staff
• Analysis and compilation of recommendations.
• Developing process and working methods for key customers.
• Efficiency Programs.
• Development of growth programs.
• Help with establishing and ensuring changes.


In both missions QS has specified improvement areas and recommendations on how the company can move forward in its development of sales operations and create significant growth in a highly competitive market. Over three years, the company has implemented the recommended recommendations regarding value-based sales, working methods and processes, which resulted in increased revenue and a clearer process of working with key customers.