Assignment background

The commissioner is active in the public sector with around 250 employees. The assignment included the division for community development and more specifically the building law unit.

Customer goals & challenges

The unit faced problems with processing times, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. By applying QS methodology / analysis, clear improvement areas were identified within these three areas to create more efficient processes and increase satisfaction among customers and employees.

The assignments action Points

The mission was to implement and ensure measures for the three above mentioned areas. In order to achieve the mission goal, QS worked with the following elements:

• Quantitative analyzes of employee perceptions
• Deep interviews with personal
• Process mapping of the entire construction permit process
• Analysis of the flow of documents
• Analysis and compilation of recommendations
• Development of efficiency and improvement programs
• Help with establishing and ensuring changes

Concrete deliverables

QS delivered the following parts of the assignment:

• A summary survey of the process for handling the construction permit application. From the time an application arrives to a decision is taken.
• All material is mapped in the municipality’s processing tools and the process is now followable.
• The leadership has been clarified and a management team has been appointed.
• Work methods and processes regarding continuous improvements based on facts have been implemented
• Development of routines, goals and processes for Management Team and Coordinator.
• Possible follow-up and measurement of goals as well as created conditions for formulating measurable, individual, realistic goals.
• Established conditions for the Building Law Unit to be a self-supporting unit regarding education.
• Create and publish FAQ’s on the website.
• Created a manual for the device that summarizes important information such as goals, introduction to new employees and the purpose of the process.
• Preparation of introductory plan for new employees.
• Arbeidet med å redusere personalomsetningen og skabe en attraktiv arbejdsplads har også bestået af en ledende kompetencevurdering af alle medarbejdere, der gør det muligt for arbejdsgiveren at tilbyde individuelle udviklingsplaner ud over standardiseret. development plans that are also being developed.


The assignment has shown the following results at the company:

The processing time has been reduced from 17 to 7 weeks. Dette har blitt opnået ved at skabe flere timer for handling sager, herunder gennem:
• Process improvements and efficiency improvements
• Better follow-up of cases
• Reduced number of phone calls and meetings
• Statistics and basis for prioritizing matters
• Activities and checklists for accurate assessments have resulted in reduced number of errors and thus more time for handling.