Assignment background

The commissioner is a listed IT company with around 130 employees and a turnover of 800 MSEK. The company’s operations revolve around offering today’s and tomorrow’s IT solutions with the highest quality.

Customer goals & challenges

The company was in need of developing their offered services to increase sales and growth. QS’s mission included further development of the company’s services, offering and customer interaction. Furthermore, the goal was to develop and implement support processes internally within the business.

The assignments action points

The moments in the assignment cried about the gathering of information and facts that then lead to recommendations. More specifically, the mission involved the following elements:

• Quantitative surveys and analyzes about customers and employees
• Deep interviews with management staff
• Analysis of collected material and compilation of recommendations
• Development of efficiency programs
• Development of growth programs
• Help with establishing and ensuring change

Concrete deliverables

QS delivered the following parts of the assignment:
• Quantitative surveys and analyzes about customers and employees
• Development of Balanced Management Card for the business regarding customers, staff, offer and processes.
• Development of the Company’s Managed Services that included “Infrastructure as a Service”, “Workplace as a Service,” “Backup as a Service,” and “Print as a Service”. Managed services today are one of the company’s priority areas and concern all areas of expertise.
• Development of competitive and delivery-assured services in all of the company’s areas of expertise and implementation in consultant and sales organization.
• Development of business plan and process documentation for all areas of expertise within the business.
• Establishment of processes, routines, roles and responsibilities as well as system support. Applies to process flows from Market Communication – Prospectus – Business termination – Implementation of service / mission – Business follow-up.
• Improve and update services so that they also include measurement of financial and customer satisfaction.
• Ensure working methods and templates so that all of the business’s business areas work in a similar way.


During this year, sales increased by 16% to SEK 707 M (610), EBITDA amounted to SEK 29.3 M (15.9) and profit for the year was SEK 12.3 M (4.6), while the share price increased by 160%.